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Meet the HoodiePets

It’s a hoodie, it’s a cuddly pet, it’s a HoodiePet, and it’s on! HoodiePet is both a snuggly fleece hoodie and a plush toy that attaches with Velcro to the front pocket of the hoodie. HoodiePet is not just an item of clothing but also an imaginative puppet that encourages creative play, while offering warmth and comfort.

HoodiePet is designed with your child’s imagination in mind, not only are the pets interchangeable but each pet has it’s own personality and biography helping your child to learn more about the planet’s animal kingdom. Children can trade, collect and play with their favorite HoodiePet puppet pets. HoodiePets are your child’s cool and cuddly pets on the go!

The HoodiePet website is the perfect place for your children to lose themselves in imagination and creativity. The easy-to-navigate site has a place for your child to name their HoodiePets, print out adoption certificates and coloring pages for each pet, and learn fun facts about each animal on HoodiePet Island!

The Hoodiepet Story
and What We Care About

Hello from Milwaukee, and welcome to the online home of HoodiePet. We are so glad you’re part of the HoodiePet family. Let us share with you how it all began…

9-year old Seth and 7-year old Alexia Kempe loved cozying up to their baby sister Alba’s fleece blanket and decided they wanted a hoodie made out of the same comfy, warm material. But their idea didn’t end with the hoodie. They also wanted to have their favorite stuffed animal tag along, ready to play wherever they were. So what did they do? They invented HoodiePet– a line of snuggly fleece hoodies with detachable, interchangeable plush pets, each with its own personality, biography that helps kids learn more about wildlife and an online HodOiePet world (Seth’s idea!) where kids can let their imaginations run wild. HoodiePet encourages creative play and fun while keeping children cozy. Download press release

All they started with was creativity, an idea and a loving mom with a sewing machine! Seth, Alexia and even little Alba have truly enjoyed the whole process from designing the different pets to giving them unique names and personalities to helping create the online world they now inhabit. Seth and Alexia encourage all children to follow their dreams and believe in themselves.

A big thank you to all of the friends that have been testers and critics. Without your encouragement we wouldn't be where we are today.

Warm wishes from all of us at HoodiePet™.

The HoodiePet family

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